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Honey Mel Moisturizing Hydration Nourishing Kit 2x500ml - Maria Escandalosa

Maria Escandalosa Honey Hydration Kit was developed with a Quaternized Collagen complex that generates powerful hydration due to the reconstructive action of collagen associated with the formula's hydrating actives, which together develop the nutrients lost during the days, providing a powerful and effective restructuring that provides life, making the wires beautiful and healthier.

Hydrated, nourished and healthy looking hair

How to Use:
after washing the hair with Shampoo;
Apply the Super Reconstruction of Honey Maria Escandalosa on the hair, covering it from the roots to the ends, it is not necessary to wait;
After rinsing the hair well with plenty of water until all the product is removed;
Then apply the Maria Escandalosa Fortifying Honey Sealant to the still wet hair, covering it from roots to ends;
Let it act for 5 minutes;
Rinse with plenty of water.

01 - Maria Escandalosa Honey Hydration Shampoo 500ml
01 - Maria Escandalosa Honey Hydration Conditioner 500ml