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In Force Plus Resistance Leave-in Rebuilder Hair Finisher 150ml - American Desire


InForce Plus American Desire is a product with innovative technology, extremely effective. Inforce Plus American Desire provides 8 hair care benefits and immediate action.

Thermal protection
Anti Frizz Action
Hair Fiber Strengthening
Deep Hydration
Revitalizes and Nourishes Hair
Softness and Sedosity
intense shine

In addition to all these benefits, Inforce Plus American Desire provides hydration, cauterization and capillary reconstruction. It has regenerating properties in its formula, which give softness and shine to the hair. American Desire In Force Plus is the only product that can replace up to 8 items in a beauty salon, and with easy and agile application.

How to Use:
Wash the hair with the shampoo, remove the excess water with the dryer for better absorption of the product. Divide the hair into quadrants, make one to two applications in each quadrant, let it act for 5 minutes and brush. Next plank.

01 In Force Plus American Desire 150ml