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Ingel Maxx LisoPlastia Progressive Brush 2x1000ml - FioPerfeitto

FioPerfeitto has just launched its new Progressive Gel Ingel Maxx LisoPlastia, revolutionary treatment in Hair Straightening, Progressive Brush Ingel LisoPlastia FioPerfeitto is the solution for hairdressers to leave their clients completely satisfied, with smooth hair and a lot of balance. Its application is quick and easy, thus not wearing the client nor the professional and provides total safety and quality for the well being and health of both.

Ingel Maxx Progressive Brush FioPerfeitto LisoPlastia was developed for any hair type and chemical, besides offering the hair total repair, control and volume reduction, keeping the hair extremely smooth and moisturized.

Its unique Formula is rich in low molecular weight Argan Oil, Ojon and Keratin.

How to Use:
- Wash the hair with Active Cleansing Shampoo to remove impurities from the threads, repeat the application and let pause for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
- Dry the hair 100% and apply the Gel Reducer, (Attention Do not Apply in excess, to pass little) medium and length of the wick using a brush respecting 1 cm of the root.
- Distribute the entire product with the aid of a fine-toothed comb by combing the same wick several times until it wraps around the wire.
- Leave on for 15 minutes, dry all hair at medium temperature
-Dividing the hairs into fine wicks and plating on average 10 to 15 times each wick.
- After performing the procedure, wash all the hair removing the product.
- Finish as you wish.
01 Shampoo Ingel LisoPlastia FioPerfeitto 1000ml
01 Ingel Reduction Gel LisoPlastia FioPerfeitto 1000ml