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Instant Action Faints Hair Serum Anti Frizz Treatment 60ml - Forever Liss

Forever Liss Faints Hair Serum forms a flexible and invisible water-resistant protective film over the strands that protects hair from the heat of the dryer and straightener, facilitates styling and fixes dry and wet styling, providing silkiness and natural movement . Its special Composition of Multifunctional silicones, Ceramides and Polymers.

- Total Combat to Frizz;
- Brightness;
- Nutrition;
- Eliminates and protects against the formation of split ends;
- Thermal protection;
- Use before and after dryers and boards.

How to use:
- Apply a few drops on the palm, spreading evenly over the strands
- Can be used before or after the board or dryer

01 - Forever Liss Faints Hair Serum 60ml