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Intensive Coffee Therapy Finishing Serum Spray Treatment 60ML - Abelha Rainha


The Intensive – Serum Finisher Therapy do Café is part of the hair line developed with actives that act by stimulating the hair follicle and blood circulation, thus promoting an anti-hair loss effect. It strengthens and helps in the growth and increase of the numbers of wires. Indicated for male or female hair treatment.

The finisher protects the hair fiber from the heat of the flat iron and the dryer, helping to comb and fix the wires. Its milky consistency, light, does not weigh and promotes a soft touch to the hair. This feature is very important to prevent the wires from becoming heavy, as it contributes to better application and easier absorption.

The finisher is responsible for keeping the wires aligned and reducing frizz.

COFFEE EXTRACT: It has a moisturizing property, a powerful antioxidant, which delays the aging of the wires, prevents baldness and strengthens hair keratin, giving hair more shine and resistance to breakage. The caffeine present in the green coffee oil stimulates the growth of hair follicles and blood circulation, thus removing toxic substances that damage the hair.

BIOTIN: Biotin or vitamin H helps in the formation and strengthening of hair strands, as a result it is an essential complement for hair growth. Prevents falls and contributes to skin health. Stimulates growth and prevents the appearance of gray hairs. It is also indicated for the treatment of hair loss, whether female or male.

CRESSATINE: Natural active extracted from the leaves and buds of watercress. Rich in minerals like zinc and magnesium. It boosts, prolongs growth and improves the quality of the hair fiber.

PHYSIOGENYL: Amino acid of plant origin, which stimulates the production of cellular energy, this asset increases metabolism in the scalp resulting in a significant improvement in hair growth.

How to use:
After washing and conditioning the wires, remove excess water and 2 to 4 pumps, this amount will vary according to the length of the wires. Apply along the entire length of the hair, comb and finish as you prefer.

-01 Intensive – Coffee Therapy Finishing Serum – 60ML