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Intensive Hydration Hair Booster Treatment Beleza na Bolsa Mask 90g - Amend

by Amend

Developed to accompany all women in their daily lives, the mask has an ideal size packaging to be used on trips or to leave in the bag and have it in hand when you need it. The high concentration of moisturizing and repairing actives present in the formula helps in retaining water in the hair, giving new life to the hair, leaving it extremely soft and flexible, favoring the alignment of the cuticles. The original characteristics of the strands lost in mechanical and chemical processes are rescued, protecting shine and hydration. Dermatologically tested.

Indication: Dry hair.

Active Ingredients: Functional Cysteine ​​and Hydro-Soft Complex*

Action: Helps to retain water in the hair, leaving them extremely soft and flexible. Protects shine and hydration, favoring cuticle alignment.

How to Use:
After washing your hair with your preferred Amend shampoo, remove excess water with a towel and apply the mask from the length of the strands to the ends, massaging strand by strand. Let it act for 1 minute. Rinse well to remove all the product. If desired, then apply your favorite Amend conditioner to seal the cuticles.

-01 Amend Intensive Moisturizing Beleza na Bolsa 90g