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Hair Color Golden Silk Dust Free Hair Bleaching Powder 500g - Itallian Hair Tech


Itallian Dusty Free Bleaching Powder was specially developed for bleaching and wicking processes. It must be mixed with the Oxidizing Emulsion Itallian Oxi to obtain a cream that is easy and practical to apply. A good capillary diagnosis must be performed before use.

Suitable for all techniques of fuses, reflections, ballayages and discolorations. Its dilution can be in the proportion of 1: 1 to 1: 2 depending on the texture of the dough. The Itallian Golden Silk Dust Free bleaching powder does not raise dust, is easy to handle and promotes excellent results in any bleaching process, wicks, reflections and ballayages.

The bleaching powder formulation is exclusive, developed with lavender, rosemary and viola vegetable complex, and a natural complex composed of rice, soy and palm extract. In addition to the exclusive SILK PPO blend (combination of assets that includes Silk Protein).

How to Use:
Place a measure of Itallian Color Golden Silk Powder Bleach for a measure of Itallian Oxi in a non-metallic container. Add the oxidizer gradually, mixing well. The mixing ratio can vary from 1: 1 to 1: 2, according to the technique to be performed.
The application must be done on unwashed hair, however, they can be damp depending on the technique used.
To make strands or reflections: Apply strand by strand with a brush, with the comb or using your fingers using gloves or fingers. Once the desired lightening is achieved, rinse. For color cleaning processes:
Apply the mixture at a distance of about 1cm from the root, massaging the strands. When you are about to achieve the desired tone, take the mixture to the root to uniform the color. Rinse.

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