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Discoloration OXI 20 Vol. Oxidant Stabilized Emusion 1L - Itallian Hair Tech


Itallian Oxi 20 has an exclusive formula with Silk PPO®, DENSFOR® and k.tyon-r® which, in addition to lightening, provides accentuated shine and softness to the hair. It is a stabilized oxidizing emulsion for coloring and bleaching hair in conjunction with Itallian Color, Sopremo, Coloratto or Itallian Color Golden Silk bleaching powder. It opens less than 1 tone while its texture facilitates the distribution of the mixture through the strands without dripping and highlights the final intensity of the color.

Used in conjunction with Itallian Color, Sopremo or Coloratto Colorings or the Itallian Golden Silk Bleach to color / bleach the threads.

SILK PPO: Combination of ingredients that includes Silk Protein, extracted from pure silk fibers under extremely controlled conditions. These natural fibers are made up of structures called fibroins, which are coated with sericin. Fibroins are rich in amino acids (glycine, alanine, tyrosine and serine), which are part of the composition of the hair fiber.
- High brightness
- Moisture and softness to the threads

DENSFOR and k.tyon-r: Combination of ingredients that includes: Lanolin: Emollient of a completely "non-sticky" nature. It is indicated for damaged and brittle hair.

Glycerin: Highly hygroscopic ingredient, that is, it has a great capacity to absorb water.

Vitamin E: It is absorbed directly into the capillary cortex and also acts on the skin of the scalp, favoring microcirculation.
- Conditioning
- Protection of the wires during the chemical process
- Hydration (water absorption by the hair fiber)
- Soothing and anti-inflammatory effect for scalp skin

Other Product Features:
- Compatible with all Itallian Hairtech coloring lines: Itallian Color, Sopremo and Coloratto
- Creamy emulsion
- Pleasant fragrance
- Stabilized formula (the content of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is maintained throughout the life of the product)

How to use:
Itallian Oxi can be used in the preparation of Itallian Color, Sopremo and Coloratto Colorings or Itallian Golden Silk Bleach in the amount indicated in the use of the respective products.

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