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Progressive Brush Kerasoft No Formaldehyde Treatment 2x1L - Itallian Hair Tech


Totally free of formaldehyde or stinging, perfect natural straight without damaging the strands, in addition to intense shine, the product does not alter the color of the hair, can be used on blond or dyed hair, without exceeding the board temperature of 190Graus.

Itallian Kerasoft Kit Keraliss provides the reduction of volume and frizz of curly, wavy or bulky hair. Itallian Kerasoft Kit Keraliss promotes deep cleaning with the removal of residues and impurities accumulated in the fiber and prepares the strands to receive the progressive straightening free of formaldehyde and glyoxylic acid, which leaves the hair with smooth and disciplined effect, with natural movement, shine and softness.

Acidic Amides: Raw material approved by ANVISA. They promote straightening and treat the hair fiber simultaneously. Its low pH acts on the cuticle and on hydrogen and saline bonds. The shape change happens in conjunction with the use of thermal heat and mechanical force to obtain the shaping of the wires.

- Promotes progressive straightening, which improves with each application
- Reduces volume and fights frizz
- Facilitates the modeling of unruly and voluminous hair
- Gives shine, softness and natural movement to the wires
- It is safe for application, as it does not contain formaldehyde or release irritating vapors

Hydrolyzed and Quaternized Keratin: Low molecular weight protein with charge. Neutralizes the negative charges present in the threads, ensuring high substantivity.

- Penetrates easily into the threads and provides damaged fiber regeneration
- Provides dampness and combability to damp and dry hair
- Prevents the formation of split ends
- Protects the strands from moisture: maintains the hairstyle and reduces frizz

Argan oil: Known as the liquid gold of Morocco, it is the result of pressing almonds and nuts from the Argania spinosa tree. It has antioxidant agents and high levels of Omega 6 and 9.

- Promotes deep nutrition
- Moisturizes and softens the texture of dry hair
- Antioxidant action
- Anti-frizz effect

Coconut Oil: Extracted from the pressing of fresh coconut pulp, it has high levels of lauric, myristic and caprylic acids.

- Excellent conditioning agent
- Provides shine and softness
- Improves hair combing

Cotton Oil: From the pressing of the cotton seed, it is rich in Vitamin F.

- Anti-drying shield
- Restores the hair's natural elasticity
- Promotes emollience

Macadamia oil: Originating in Australia, it is obtained by pressing macadamia nuts. Considered the largest vegetable source of Palmitoleic Acid, it also contains Oleic Acid, in addition to Omegas 3 and 6.

- High hydrating and reconstructive potential
- Provides accentuated shine
- Provides long-lasting conditioning

Olive Oil: Resulting from the pressing of olives, fruit of the olive tree, it has a high content of Oleic Acid.

- Highly emollient agent
- Provides nutrition
- Recovers the natural flexibility of the wires

Mentilla Lactate: Releases the menthol molecule in a progressive and prolonged way during and after washing the hair.
- Long-lasting refreshing action
- Detox and deep cleansing effect without damaging the hair fiber
- Replaces the fragrance of the shampoo, as it gives the product a minty odor

How to Use:
Wash your hair with the Itallian Kerasoft Purifying Shampoo, rinse and repeat the application. Remove around 80% to 90% of the moisture from the wires using a dryer.

With the help of a brush, apply the Itallian Keraliss Kerasoft Brush strand by strand.

Let it act for 20 to 30 minutes on chemically treated, colored, bleached or streaked hair and for 40 to 50 minutes on resistant hair, always according to the strand test. During the break time, align the strands with a comb.

Rinse only with water to remove about 80% of the product. Dry the wires and brush them with a dryer.

Then, plank thin strands to seal the cuticles.

Colored Hair: The use of a thermal board above 200 ° C favors the opening of the cuticles and the loss of color deposited outside the capillary cortex in the permanent and semi-permanent coloring processes, the toners.

All types of hair: The Itallian Keraliss Kerasoft Brush can be applied to the strands after other chemical processes, as long as the strand test result is satisfactory. The wick test is indispensable in any situation, be it application or reapplication. Special attention should be paid to chemically treated, colored, bleached and / or straightened hair.

Wick test: The wick test is essential in any situation, be it application or reapplication. Select three strands in different regions of the head and proceed step by step to the end. Observe the resistance and elasticity of the wires. Do not apply the product if the wick test is brittle.

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-01 Itallian Hair Tech Kerasoft Progressive Treatment 1L