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Hair Treatment Innovator Kit Maintenance Home Care 2x250ml - Itallian Hair Tech


For curly hair: clean keeping the natural shape and movement.
For chemically treated hair: cleans keeping it straight for longer.
It promotes effective and highly moisturizing cleaning without foam. Its assets leave hair healthy, soft and with more shine. Released for No Poo and Low Poo.

Washes gently, promoting total cleaning of the wires. Indicated for dry, fragile hair and for those with sensitive scalp.

Leaves hair strengthened after the chemical process, recovers and realigns damaged cuticles and intensely nourishes the strands so that they are soft to the touch, easy to comb and disciplined.

Itallian Innovator Moisturizing Conditioner 250G

Hydrates and conditions the hair in a highly nutritious way. Its formula was developed with technological assets capable of offering lipid and trace elements replacement in a few minutes.

Indicated for hair chemically treated with straightening or relaxation, it returns the nutrition, hydration and softness of the strands.

The Innovator Revitalizing Conditioner from Itallian Hairtech was developed with the highest technology, and therefore, acts in a profound and differentiated way on chemically treated hair.

It has an exclusive formulation that promotes progressive hydration and increased resistance of the hair, in addition to replacing the lost mass through a unique lamellar gel system that acts intelligently in all phases of the cuticle and cortex. Promotes extreme conditioning and softness to the touch.

How to Use:
After washing your hair with the Innovator Sulfate Free Shampoo, apply the Innovator Conditioning Hydration along the ends.
Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse
To brush the hair with a dryer, use the Innovator Remineralizing Serum

-01 Innovator Kit Maintenance Shampoo 250ml
-01 Innovator Kit Maintenance Conditioner 250ml