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Trivitt Post Chemistry Maintenance Treatment Shampoo 1L - Itallian Hair Tech


Formulation developed for frequent use. Removes oil from the hair without drying the hair and leather. For all types of hair. For chemically treated hair. Helps to close the cuticles keeping hair healthy even after chemical processes.

Restructuring shampoo for hair pos chemical. Reconstruction treatment that gently cleanses, moisturizes and helps cuticle closure, keeping hair healthy and shiny.

Collagen and Elastin: Moisturize and improve the resistance and elasticity of the hair.

Polyquaternium: Forms a protective film that gives suppleness to the hair, restoring the healthy and natural appearance.

Panthenol: Acts giving strength and resistance to the threads, maintaining its elasticity and providing shine.

How to Use:
Apply to wet hair and massage until foam is obtained. Rinse and repeat the operation if necessary

-01 Itallian Hair Tech Trivitt Post Chemistry Maintenance Shampoo 1L