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Innovator Cream Straight Relaxation Thioglycolate Mask 250g - Itallian Hair Tech


Relaxes, reduces volume and / or straightens hair effectively and safely. It has unique strength, which gives the hairdresser freedom to achieve different results according to the time of action for each hair.

Its formula is enriched with active ingredients highly compatible with the hair fiber, which reduces damage to the fiber while aligning the threads, providing softness, discipline and shine.

How to Use:
- This service must be done by a professional hairdresser who knows and works with Itallian Hairtech Innovator products.
- Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly and immediately seek medical attention.
- Wear suitable gloves.
- Do not wash your hair 3 days before the process.
- Before starting, do the wick test: Separate more than one wick on the top of the head and apply the Relaxation Cream along the entire length. Let it act according to the desired result and according to the wire limit. Rinse and check the conditions.
- If the hair does not stand the strand test, DO NOT PERFORM THE STRAIGHTENING / RELAXING.
- After testing the locks and the hair in conditions, follow the application process.
- Wash your hair without rubbing your scalp. Apply the Innovator Straight Hair Relaxation Cream strand by strand and cover the hair with your fingers or the back of the comb according to the desired result.
- Leave to act for the pause time indicated in the wick test, observing the resistance of the wire during the application time. After the desired result, rinse thoroughly with warm water for at least 15 minutes.
- Remove excess water with a towel (without rubbing) and apply the Neutralizer strand by strand.
- We emphasize that all locks should be moistened by the Neutralizer, otherwise they will not be neutralized. Its correct distribution in the wires will result in a good neutralization and an excellent result.
- Then, without rinsing, start the brushing process with a dryer.

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