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Trivitt Intensive Moisturizing Cream Hydration Mask 1kg - Itallian Hair Tech

Intensive Hydration is indicated for all hair types. Repair damage with hydration, shine and conditioning of the wires. Penetrates the inner part of the hair fiber and strengthens the strands against breakage with highly moisturizing ingredients, which act in the sealing of the cuticles and in the replacement of the lost moisture for longer, which leaves the hair shiny, resistant and conditioned.

Trealose: sugar present in a wide variety of plants. It protects them from dehydration, allowing them to “come back to life” when they receive water. It is very stable in extreme pH and temperature conditions.
- Deeply hydrates hair
- Protects hair against external agents

Keratin: the hair consists mainly of this protein, composed of a sequence of 18 amino acids interconnected by hydrogen, disulfide (sulfur) and salt bridges. As it is hydrolyzed, it has low molecular weight, which facilitates its penetration through the cuticles.
- It is deposited on the damaged regions, restoring the wires
- Rebalances the water content and distribution of electrical charges in the hair fiber
- After penetrating through the cuticles, keep them sealed (suitable pH for the closing of the scales)

Golden Camelina Oil: ingredient of 100% vegetable origin, obtained from the plant “Gold of Pleasure” (Camelina sativa).
- Provides the ideal proportion of Omegas 3 and 6 to restore the lipid content (natural oil) of the hair fiber
- Combats the rough touch of dry and fragile hair
- Recovers hair elasticity and flexibility

How to Use:
Apply the product on clean and damp hair, from length to ends, gently massaging strand by strand.
After 5 minutes, rinse and let it dry naturally.
If you want to make a brush with a dryer, first apply Trivitt Brush Fluid.

-01 Itallian Hair Tech Trivitt Intensive Moisturizing Cream Hydration Mask 1kg