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Split End Sealer Trivitt Repairer Sunscreen Protect 30ml - Itallian Hair Tech

Itallian Trivitt Tip Repairer w / Sunscreen - 30ml
Recovers shine, repairs broken ends forming a protective film on the wires. Itallian Trivitt Tip Repair is a tip repair for all types of hair. Recovers shine, repairs split ends and conditions hair. The silicon technology of Itallian Trivitt Tip Repairer forms a film that protects the hair and leaves the hair soft and with a luminous shine without it becoming heavy or oily.

How to Use:
Spread a few drops of Trivitt Tip Repair on the palm of your hands. Apply to the hair, starting at the ends.

-01  Itallian Hair Tech Trivitt Tips Repairer Sunscreen Protect 30ml