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Jaborandi Home Care Maintenance Hair Growth Treatment Kit 3x300 - Sachê

by Sachê

Product Action - Line developed with astringent and dermo purifying actives that promote scalp cleaning and stimulate hair growth.

Result - The complete kit of the Jaborandi line will guarantee cleaning of the scalp, hair revitalization, emollience to the wires from the root and hydration.

Jaborandi Shampoo: Promotes scalp cleansing.
Jaborandi Conditioner: Suitable for hair revitalization.
Jaborandi Mask: Revitalizes hair and ensures hydration.

Jaborandi: Antioxidant;
Rosemary: Tonic;
Quilaia: Astringent;
Arnica: Emollient;

-01 Jaborandi Shampoo 300ml
-01 Jaborandi Conditioner 300ml
-01 Jaborandi Mask 300ml