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SOS Professional Miracle Reconstruction System 5minutes 300ml - Forever Liss


The Forever Liss SOS Miracle 5 minutes is a true miracle in women's hair as it transforms elastic and rubberized wires through the action of chemistry on totally healthy, soft and recovered hair in minutes.
Developed with Exclusive Technology Forever Liss the basis of an amino acid complex that aims to restore the structure of fiber, collagen to prevent breakage of yarn and omega 3,6 and 9 that fortify hair.
The anti-seizure SOS has proteins and amino acids of low molecular weight that acts in the replacement of cortical mass, acting quickly repairing and reconstructing every area affected by the aggressions of the chemical treatments.

- Collagen: Maintains a hair shape and prevents a break of threads, keeping them fully fortified, hydrated and nourished internally;
- Amino Acid Complex: Promotes instantaneous capillary rejuvenation, rich in keratin age rapidly in the reconstruction of capillary mass affected by chemical treatment.
- Omega 3,6 and 9: Provides strength and health for wires, keeping them protected against aggressions from high temperatures.

How to use:
- Apply SOS Miracle on wet hair in any sensitized area by gently dispensing with a comb until you notice that the product has been fully absorbed.
- Leave to stand for 5 minutes;
- Retort and rinse.
Ready Hair Instantly Recovered!

-1 SOS Professional Miracle Reconstruction System 5minutes 300ml