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Keratin New Formula Creoula Curly Hair Treatment Kit 4 Products - Lola Cosmetics


Creoula Combing Cream - Nourishing styling cream that activates curly and curly hair curls, ensuring natural movement, super defined curls, soft and with incredible shine.

Creoula Shampoo - Light formula nourishing shampoo that gently cleanses and helps your curls to take shape before you even get out of the shower - soft, defined and shiny strands.

Creoula Conditioner - Nourishing conditioner that turns your depressed hair into crisp, soft, beautifully defined curls.

Creoula Detangling Cream - Facilitates combing and detangling of curly or curly hair. Removes the knots without breaking the wires. Returns the softness and shine to your curls.

How to use:
Shampoo - Apply a small amount to damp hair, massage gently and then rinse. Repeat the operation if necessary. For best results use the full Creoula line.
Conditioner - Apply to damp hair, emulsify and let it act for one to two minutes, rinse. Finish with the Creoula Line for the perfect definition of curls.
Detangling Cream - Apply a small amount to clean, damp and conditioned hair. Spread all over the hair, from length to ends. Comb to untangle the strands well. For definition and volume follow the Creoula Combing Cream and your usual care routine.
Combing Mask - Apply a small amount to clean, damp and conditioned hair. Distribute throughout the hair. Finish as usual, preferably kneading the hair from the bottom up to stimulate the curls, or use a diffuser. For a day after mara, lightly dampen the hair and reapply a cap or more of Creoula Combing Cream

-1 Lola Cosmetics Creoula Shampoo 250g
-1 Lola Cosmetics Creoula Conditioner 250g
-1 Lola Cosmetics Creoula Combing Cream 500g
-1 Lola Cosmetics Creoula Detangling Cream Leave In 500g