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Salon Line Keratin Professional Treatment Kit for Wavy and Dry Hair 7 Products


Wavy hair usually has an oily root and dry ends, this happens due to the curvature of the strands. But, if the hair is dry or extremely dry, some daily care can solve the problem.

To help you recover the natural hydration of the threads, we at Salon Line create the monthly treatment for dry wavy hair.

To wash and condition the hair, the Shampoo and Conditioner from the Curls of Dreams line, which together cleans the scalp while moisturizing the length, thanks to the formula it contains: Almond Oil, Apple Vinegar and Oil of Moringa.

To replenish the lost nutrients throughout the day, the Hydrating Mask S.O.S Deep Coco Curls, which has in its formula: Butter and Coconut Oil.

The finishing is on account of the Activator of Curls S.O.S Curls Almond Oil which also has in its formula Panthenol. This powerful combination promotes extreme shine and mega hydration, activates and defines curls, in addition to controlling frizz without weighing the strands, giving lightness and movement.

Or if you prefer, you can finish with the Profix Combing Cream, which contains in its formula: Aloe Vera and Rose Water. Together, these ingredients guarantee deep hydration, strengthening and help in the healthy growth of the hair.

How to Use:
Start the treatment by cleaning the wires. Apply the Curls of Dreams Shampoo evenly to wet hair. Massage the root to foam. Rinse.

Let's hydrate? To do this, apply the hydration mask, strand by strand, which can be applied to the root, allowing to act for 3 to 5 minutes and that's it.

Seal the hair cuticles with the line conditioner, for this, apply the Curls of Dreams Conditioner from root to tip. Leave on for 1 to 3 minutes and rinse.

Finish by applying the Combing Cream to damp hair or the Curl Activator. To do this, apply the product strand by strand, evenly from length to ends, untangling them with a wide-toothed comb. Then, knead the curls, starting the movement from the ends to the root. Repeat this movement as many times as you think necessary for the curls to form. The amount to be applied will depend on the length and volume of the hair. Do not rinse.

Tip: Innovate by making a mix of the curl activator plus the styling cream!

Remember to moisturize the hair once a week, do not wash your hair in hot water and do not use heat sources without thermal protection. This can cause the hair to dry out.

Use the treatment for a month for the best results.

Vegan: yes
Age: from 12 years
Type of hair: dry and extremely dry.

-02 Salon Line Curls of Dreams Shampoo 300ml
-02 Salon Line Curls of Dreams Conditioner 300ml
-01 Salon Line SOS Curls Hidration Coconut Mask 500g
-01 Salon Line Curls Activator Almond Oil 300ml
-01 Salon Line Profix Combing Cream 400ml