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Ultra Keratin Brazilian Progressive Brush Kit 2x1L - Eternity Liss


The Queratina Ultra Eternity Liss was developed based on the soy extract and therefore has an abundance of proteins that is responsible for the reconstruction and hydration of the hair, besides helping in the healthy growth of the yarn.
When observing the capillary fiber it is noticed that its formation is based on amino acids (proteins), thinking about it the line Queratina Ultra Eternity Liss found in soy a powerful extract of proteins developed with high technology.
Queratina Ultra Eternity Liss has a liquid form to penetrate the wires more easily and thus make the treatment extremely effective as it improves the resistance and elasticity of the hair leaving it rejuvenated and renewed.
This line is suitable for all hair types. It is recommended to use especially on heavily damaged, broken and frizz hair that needs hydration, strengthening and shine.

Shampoo Queratina Ultra Eternity Liss - is an anti-waste shampoo specially developed to increase the absorption of keratin and amino acids contained in the conditioner, preparing the hair for reconstruction. This product should only be used with the Queratina Ultra Eternity Liss Treatment. It removes impurities from the wires and scalp that accumulate in the hair daily. Product of professional use.

Treatment Queratina Ultra Eternity Liss - A product rich in amino acids responsible for the renewal, hydration, softness and lightness of the threads, besides aiding growth and capillary reconstruction.

How to use:

- Apply the Shampoo Queratina Ultra Eternity Liss to damp hair, and then massage by making small circles with the pulp of your fingers across the scalp, let it act for a few seconds. In order to obtain a more efficient result it is recommended to repeat the operation.
- After using Shampoo Queratina Ultra Eternity Liss, remove excess water from the hair with a towel leaving them semi-humid. Pass an amount of the Treatment Queratina Ultra Eternity Liss until covering the whole wire, massage well, always from the root to the tips and finally to coat the threads.
- Leave to act for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse.
- Finish as desired.


- 1x Shampoo Queratina Ultra Eternity Liss 1000ml
- 1x Treatment Queratina Ultra Eternity Liss 1000ml