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Aromia Cosméticos Quinoa Premium Kit (2 Products)

Kit Aromia Quinoa Premium (2 products) Daily treatment kit for hair of all kinds. Aromia Quinoa Premium is responsible for conditioning, moisturizing and restoring capillary fiber. Kit Aromia Quinoa Premium brings assets that repair the damage caused in the structure of the wires, rescuing the softness, malleability and glow of the hair. It also assists in the growth of the wires, avoiding the break and preventing them from dehydration. It provides lighter and loose yarns and provides the required moisture, rescuing the natural beauty of the hair.

Aromia Quinoa Premium - Moisturizing Professional Shampoo 1L: Promotes a soft and balanced cleaning, maintaining the structure of the protected yarn and giving brightness and lightness to the hair. Aromia Quinoa Premium - Professional Moisturizing Conditioner 1L: Moisturizes, clear and restores the surface of the wire by giving more brightness and softness to the hair.