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C.Kamura Kit Argan Nutri-oil Duo (2 Products)

Kit C.Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil Duo (2 products) Treatment kit for damaged hair and exposed to environmental aggressions. C.Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil Duo Kit cleans, conditions and disagree, while protecting against external aggressions and repairs deep and internally the capillary fibers.
C.Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil Duo Kit restores the wires completely, reposing lost hydration and nutrition. Thus, strength and luminosity are recovered, in addition to providing a soft and silky touch. Your hair clean, conditioned and easy to comb, with the wires daily protected. Capillary health recovered, balanced and maintained.
Contemc.Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil - Shampoo 315ml: Clean and protect daily damage, like sun, wind, sea and pool. Its exclusive technology creates a dense and creamy foam that removes the waste smoothly while nourishing deeply.
C.Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil - Conditioner 315ml: Conditions and disagree, while protecting damages like sun, wind, sea and pool. It also seals the cuticles instantly, letting the combing easier and acting as antifenz.