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C.Kamura Kit Argan Nutri-oil Trio (3 Products)

Kit C.Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil Trio (3 products) Full treatment kit for damaged hair and exposed to environmental aggressions. C. Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil Trio Kit clean, conditions, disagree and treat the capillary fibers deeply. This set protects the wires from the damage caused by the sun, wind sea and pool. And more: seals the cuticles instantly, controlling the frizz and adding luminosity.

C. Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil Trio Kit promotes an intense and effective recovery of fragile wires, resulting in silky touch, nice texture and more resistance. Your hair clean, conditioned, easy to comb and protected environmental damage. Strengthened, luminous and soft wires.


C.Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil - Shampoo 315ml: Clean and protect daily damage, like sun, wind, sea and pool. Its exclusive technology creates a dense and creamy foam that removes the waste smoothly while nourishing deeply.

C.Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil - Conditioner 315ml: Conditions and disagree, while protecting damages like sun, wind, sea and pool. It also seals the cuticles instantly, letting the combing easier and acting as antifenz.

C.Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil - 250g treatment mask: moisturizes and nourishes intensely while protecting from environmental damage. Its conditioning formula also helps seal the cuticles by promoting an easier combing and fighting frizz. Its light texture is easily absorbed by the capillary fibers. Thus, the recovery of fragile wires is intense and effective, resulting in strength and luminosity.