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C.Kamura Intense One Daily Protection Kit (3 Products)

Kit C.Kamura Intense One Daily Protection (3 products) Treatment kit for all kinds of hair. Kit C.Kamura Intense One clean daily protection, moisturizes and provides more strength to the wires.
Kit C.Kamura Intense One daily protection also assists in reducing frizz, controls the volume and returns lost hydration. In addition, promotes soft touch, brightness and leaves the color of wires more alive. With it, your hair gains a treatment and complete care.
Contemc.Kamura Intense One - Shampoo 60ml: Hygieniza smoothly and enhance the brightness.
C.Kamura Intense One - Conditioner 60ml: Disagree and nourishes deeply.
C.Kamura Intense One - 60ml capillary mask: strengthens and provides softness to the wires.