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C.Kamura Kit C. Kamura Intense One Trio (3 Products)

Kit C. Kamura Intense One Trio (3 products) Treatment kit for all kinds of hair. MultiBecificas, Kit C. Kamura Intense One Trio brings health, nutrition, brightness and softness. It is able to repair hair damage to chemistry, as well as further improve the look of healthy wires.
Kit C. Kamura Intense One contains formula that penetrates the wires and restores, as well as supply nutritional shortage and moisturize deeply. Treats, protects, takes care and still ends the wires. Complete care and 360º for your wires.
C.Kamura Intense One - Shampoo without sulphate 300ml: Remove residues, highlight the brightness and enhance the action of the conditioner and leaves-in.
C.Kamura Moist Intense One - 300ml Conditioner: Nourishes deeply and gives moisturizing.
C.Kamura Intense One 10-in-1 - Leave-in 200g: Multifunctional treatment that moisturizes, repairs, nourishes and prevents future damage in only 1 product.