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Kit Capillam Carpile Profession Profession + 3 Mascaras - Facinatus

Facinatus Kit - My Capillary Headration, Nutrition and Reconstruction

The Cosmetic Facinatus Kit My Cosneratus Cosmetic Cosmetic Schedule Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction is the timeline you need, your hair will get such a beautiful dream. Notified product in Anvisa. How to use the schedule? Choose 3 days of the week to do your treatments. After using the clean shampoo and prepares just apply one of the 3 treatments: Moisturizing a might, powerful nutrition and reconstruction of dreams.

The kit my schedule promotes the reset of the moisture of the wires, lipid replacement of the wires and replacement of capillary mass. Leaving hair with glow, soft, without frizz, with movement, stronger and regenerated.

The shampoo with slobby extract besides doing a soft cleaning in the wires, prepares the hair to receive the other treatments.

The moisturizing mask with babosa extract, aloe vera, soy wax and cotton oil that promotes the reset of the moisture of the wires, which was lost with external aggressions.

The nutrition mask with Karité butter, coconut oil, almonds, olive, avocado, soy, cocoa, cotton and sleeve that promotes the lipid replacement of the wires, returning the natural oiliness, lubricating the fiber and sealing the hydration. So you will have dry strokes with a controlled frizz and a lot of movement.

The reconstruction mask with hydrolyzed keratin, collagen and amino acid complexes that promotes mass replenishment of wires, attributing greater resistance and vitality, avoiding breakage, providing healthy growth and leaving their hair strong, glitter and regenerated.

The kit contains:
- 1 clean shampoo and prepares 500 ml;
- 1 hydration mask 250 g;
- 1 nutrition mask 250 g;
- 1 reconstruction mask 250 g.