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Biofios Profissional Kit Chronogram Capillary Daycare (3 Products)

Capillary schedule kit Daycare (3 products) Capillary schedule kit with three masks for damaged hair. The Capillary Chronogram Kit Daycare ensures moisturizing, nutrition and wire reconstruction.
The DayCare Capillary Schedule Kit has the action of 3 capillary masks made especially for each capillary schedule care stage. All to potentiate treatment and ensure healthy, beautiful, stronger and sturdy hair with incredible softness and brightness.

Biofios Day Care Illuminates - 300g capillary hydration mask: Removers hydration in 5 minutes and ensures immediate sealing of softer 3x hair cuticles. The mask reduces the porosity of the wire, leaving it more uniform to the touch.
Biofios Day Care Nutrition - 300g Nutrition Mask: Nourishes deeply and repairs the fragile areas of wires all over its length, as well as returning its natural resistance, preventing them from being easily. It provides soft, toughest and natural touch hair.
Biofios Day Care Re-Intesis - Mask Reconstruction 300g: offers total damage reconstruction, 3x more strength and ultra hydrated wires in 5 minutes. It is an intensive treatment to recover the hair immediately. Enriched with argan oil and keratin, the line provides double strength for wires and combat double tips.