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Kit Full Treatment Cauterization Aneethun Kera System - Aneethun

Aneethun Kera System Kit Cauterization Capillary - 4 products
Aneethun Kit Kera System - Auto Impact Cauterization

The kit contains:

- Shampoo KERA 1 liter
- Instant Restructurer KERA 500ml
- Reconditioner KERA 1 liter
- thermoactive finisher 250g

Full capillary treatment system in four phases. Especially indicated for hair requiring quick and profound recovery.

Vitamin E: It has antioxidant action by removing the impurities of the capillary fiber like oils, chlorine, polluting agents, chemical residues.

Hydrolyzed and activated keratin: Used in the form of amino acids that provides deeper treatment.

Macadamia oil: Responsible for hydration and protection of wires.

Anti-resident shampoo - pH 5.5: promotes deep cleansing, helps remove the impurities of the capillary fiber. Clean, without assaulting the leather and threads deeply and smoothly, leaving them soft and brightly. 1L bottles.

Instant Restructuring - pH 4.5: composed of hydrolyzed keratin, activated in the form of amino acids, which penetrates the capillary fiber restructuring the wires. The combination of keratin with special cationic agents promotes intensive treating to wires. 500ml bottles, with spray.

Instant Reconditioner - pH 4.0: Complements and ends the restructuring treatment of the wires. Closes the cuticles and promotes instant reconditioning. 1L bottles.

Thermativated Finisher - pH 4.0: assists in the protein regeneration of damaged hair by increasing the resistance of the wires. Hydrates, protects, improves the combability and confers thermal protection to the hair. 250g frásnagas.