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Kit Maintenance Verniz Power Shine 4 Items Evolution - Evolution

Home Kit Care Power Shine Evolution 4 products 300ml

Its highly developed formulation provides the wires a slight layer of varnish to protect from day-to-day daily actions, providing greater brightness.
It has a high power of emolience with its rich formulation in honey and cupuaçu, helps recover the damaged wires.
Protects against day-to-day offensive actions, and intense sources of heat assisting in daily maintenance of the wires, returning shine and softness.


1st Shampoo - Apply in wet hair Massaging root half and tips until you get a creamy foam then rinse and repeat the process until complete cleaning.

2nd conditioner- After using the shampoo apply the conditioner in the wet hair massaging gently, let it act for a few minutes. Rinse abundantly.

3rd Leave-in active term - After washing the hair with the shampoo and the conditioner, remove all the moisture from the wires with a towel and apply the lease-in all over the hair. Comb and model desired.

4th reconstructive mask Apply all hair cloving wick the wick, with the help of a comb distributed evenly. Leave acting for 15 minutes on the thermal or vaporizer cap. Rinse, dry and finish.