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Salvatore Kit Oless Deep Matizador Shampoo + Conditioner


The Oless Shampoo Salvatore indicated for extremely dry or dry hair that requires intense hydrolipidic replacement. By containing in its formulation the union of the richest essential oils promotes deep hydration and simultaneously forms a protective film that maintains hydration, and prevents the loss of water from the yarn. Its antioxidant properties prevent fiber aging and color oxidation.

Oless Deep Conditioner  is the revolution of oils with maximum hydration. Get back all the water out of your hair!

Salvatore has created a new formula to deeply moisturize dry or dry hair.
Oless brought together in one product the antioxidant action of Argan, Macadamia's fatty acids and Ojon's minerals and vitamins to ensure intense hydration to extremely dry and damaged hair.
Oless Deep Hydration Professional Salvatore line is the union of essential oils of argan, macadamia and ojon, which promote intensive moisturizing treatment giving softness and vitality to the hair. Rich in antioxidants and Omega 3, 6, 9 that help stabilize the pH of the hair fiber, and create a protective film around the hair, deeply moisturizing the hair and providing silky, emollient and bright colors for longer.

• Deep water replenishment
• Antioxidant action
• High nutritional power
• Repositories of fatty acids and omega 6,7 ​​and 9
• Conductor of minerals and vitamins
• Silky, soft and shiny hair

How to use:

Oless Shampoo: With wet hair, apply Oless Shampoo evenly to the scalp, massage gently. Distribute the product from the scalp to the ends without rubbing the fiber. Rinse with cold or warm water, removing the product completely. Repeat the process. Oless Mask: When the washing process is finished with the Oless Shampoo, remove excess water and apply the Oless Mask, lock the lock from the length to the ends, with the help of a medium comb and distribute it evenly. Leave to act for 5 minutes to obtain conditioning result for deep hydration result. Leave to act for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold or warm water, removing the product completely.

Important tips:

1) Do not twist the hair by removing excess water as it may damage the hair fibers. Dry the hair with the care and care that the hair deserves.
2) Do not use plank on damaged hair, because the high temperatures of the equipment added to the mechanical traction of its use on the hair can damage the hair fiber.


1 - Oless Treatment Shampoo 480ml
1 - Oless Conditioner 250ml