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Biofios Profissional Rapunzel Kit Smooth Magic- Capillary Growth (2 Products)


Rapunzel Smooth Magic Kit Top Hair + Luminos Magical Smooth Capillary Mask for natural or chemically treated straight hair. Luminos Smooth magical treatment discipline and maintains the effect smooth. Reduces volume and frizz to provide very silky trim. Luminos Smooth magic treatment can be used before, during or after chemical processes such as progressive or brush, to extend the effect and leave the wires completely aligned. It also functions as treatment, since it leaves your hair progressively smoother and less bulky with continuous use. Top Hair Caps is a vitamin complex with 100% natural formula, developed to accelerate hair growth with more nutrition and strength. With only one capsule per day, Top Caps Hair reduces the capillary fall, moisturizes the wires, strengthens nails and improves the skin.Cuidando of the hair from the inside out, top caps hair supplements with vitamins, minerals and collagen needed for good Hair of hair, making wires more resistant to daily aggression. Results: Reduces the volume and maintains the wires aligned for much longer, provides incredibly silky, soft and very disciplined wires, stronger hair, with more accelerated growth, reduces the fall, plus more resistant nails to break and greater collagen production . Benefits: Extra Reinforcement CuticularAtiumity Smooth Vintage Fitness Fitness Aveludadonutre and RestauranteRzero Frizzreparates Pontas Double Blossom Air Humidity Indicated for: Natural, bulky and indisciplined and / or chemically treated, with QUADRA and Break of the wires. Active: Grape Oil - Omega 6 Restores the fiber and returns the natural brilliance of the pomegranate oil - balances the pH of the wires and increases moisture retention and calms the scalp. Sunflower oil - rich in vitamin E , C and many moisturizing minerals minimizes dryness and strengthens the wires with quick absorption without leaving heavy hair. Mode of Use: Magic Smooth Luminos - After washing the hair with shampoo, apply the magic smooth luminous mask into the clean and wet wires. Pass your hair in a uniform way. Comb the wires gently to help in product penetration. Let us act for 10 minutes and rinse well. Finish how to hair capsules - we recommend ingesting 1 capsule a day. General precautions: Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with your eyes. Protect from sunlight and excessive heat. Do not ingest. In case in contact with eyes, washing with abundant water. External use.