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Biofios Profissional Kit Revise Cold Cauterization (4 Products)

Kit Review Professional Cold Cauterization (4 products) Full kit in 4 steps for damaged hair. The Cold Care Cauterization Kit is clearly cleaned softly and provides intense hydration as well as conditioning the wires.
The Kit Review Professional Care Cauterization reconstructs capillary fiber and strengthens in addition to improving elasticity, providing a lot of health, swing and softness.

Biofios Review - 1000ml conditioning shampoo: for damaged hair, both thin and thick. Clean softly, restoring, strengthening and protecting the wires without embarrassing.
Biofios Review 500ml Restructurator Gel: Treat capillary fiber instantly, with its cuticle sealing action and confers perfect internal reconstruction stabilizing the wire during breakage.
Biofios Review - 950g treatment mask: for rebellious, dried and damaged hair. Resets the moisture and lipids lost over time, leaving the hydrated and soft wires. Still the cuticles and improve hair elasticity.
Biofios Review - Spray loading inverter 250ml: antioxidant action, restores, moisturizes deep and returns the brightness to the wires. Its formula has proteins that easily penetrate capillary fiber, providing repairing cuticle and protection against external aggression or damage caused by thermal tools.