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Professional Hair Toning Juju Intensy Color Platinum Effect 500ml - Le Charmes


Intensy Color Tinting Mask Platinum Effect is the most famous and effective dye remover for blond hair. A revolutionary product that came to facilitate the daily lives of professionals and a great ally for blondes who suffer from the fading of the threads. Intensy Color Tinting Mask Platinum Effect has an immediate platinum effect eliminating yellow hair tones.

Specially developed to mask the yellow, yellow, gray and white hair caused by the action of time, nicotine, pollution, UV rays and coloring. Its effect is gradual and progressive. Intensy Color Tinting Mask Platinum Effect provides more life to blond hair, eliminating yellowish without damaging the strands.

It has violet pigment that neutralizes the light yellow tone of the hair. It is recommended to test strands to find the desired tone as it is a product with a fastener that takes time to come out of the wires. The use of Intensy Color Tinting Mask Platinum Effect prevents fading and provides resulting in the grayish / platinum effect. Intensy Color Tinting Mask Platinum Effect has a gradual or immediate effect.

How to Use:
Wash your hair normally with Shampoo.
Apply Intensy Color Super Platinum strand by strand.
Leave on for 3 to 10 minutes and rinse.
Can be used after discoloration of highlights, lights and reflections.
Must be used once a week to maintain color.
Tip: Add 2 scoops of Intensy Color Super Platinum with 4 scoops of white cream of your choice.
Apply to the hair depending on how to use it.

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