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Leave-in Total Repair Damaged Hair Shine Treatment Finisher 150ml - Magic Beauty


Leave-in for damaged hair. Magic Beauty Total Repair seals the cuticles, provides shine and protects from heat.

Leave-in Total Repair Magic Beauty acts on areas damaged by several factors, such as the dryer, flat iron, sun, pollution, but mainly by the chemical procedures performed. In addition, it shields the protein responsible for the integrity and filling of the hair, and leaves your strands healthy and beautiful.

Ceramides: work as a "cement" for the hair, maintaining the integrity of the cuticle to the capillary cortex. In this way, it fights breakage and dryness.

Proteins: help to strengthen the hair fiber.

How to use:
Apply the leave-in to clean, damp hair, lengths and ends. Do not rinse. Finish as desired or let it dry naturally.

-01 Leave-in Total Repair 150ml