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Leave-in Vitamin Strawberry & Champagne Finisher Ilumini Hair 150ml - Anjore

by Anjore

Lightweight, liquid formula that doesn't leave hair feeling heavy and greasy.

Innovative product rich in vitamins such as biotin and vitamins A and E, essential components to assist in the accelerated and healthy growth of wires.

Enriched with vitamins that prolong the duration of its benefits, keeping the hair nourished and conditioned, in addition to giving a lot of shine and taking care of the texture of the wires.

It offers hair maximum hydration, strengthening, color protection, rejuvenation, sun protection, revitalization, remineralization, thermal protection and shine.

Delicious strawberry & champagne aroma.

How to use:
Apply evenly to clean, damp hair.

Your hair is deeply restored, nourished, protected, shiny and soft.

-01 Leave-in Multifunctional Vitamin Strawberry & Champagne Spray Ilumini Hair 150ml