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Lot of 12 Brazilian Plush Henna Hair Tinting Straightening 180g - Henê Amazônia

Plush is a reliable straightening with natural effect. Straight hair, with natural balance and a lot of movement. The tradition of the true henê, always with you.
Smooths, dye black, treats and gives shine to the hair. With natural extract of Aloe Vera, it progressive covers white wires.
Before using, do the Touch Test. Apply a small amount of the product on the forearm and behind the ear. Leave on the skin for 60 minutes, then wash it off. After washing, wait 24 hours. If during that period there is skin irritation, itching or burning in or near the area, hypersensitivity is proven. In that case, DO NOT use the product.

Wick Test: Prepare the Plush as indicated in the usage ritual; Separate a strand at the top of the head, apply the henê already mixed as indicated, with the aid of a plastic comb. Comb the strand taking the product on the strands to the ends, preserving half a centimeter of the root. Leave to act for an hour combing every five minutes, checking that the strands are resistant and undamaged. After the pause time, thoroughly rinse all the henna from the hair, wash with shampoo and condition, finish as usual. If the strands show sensitivity, breakage, breakage, during the strand test, stop the application immediately. Make repeated reconstructions and after a month repeat the strand test.

How to Use:
1. Apply Henê Plush, strand by strand.
2. Pull down with a fine comb, from the roots to the ends, stretching the strands well. Cover with a plastic cap for 60 minutes (the effect will be the same if the time is longer).
3. Rinse hair thoroughly and wash with shampoo and conditioner.
4. If you want a very smooth effect, you can make a brush. And if you want a wavy hairstyle, just let your hair dry in bobs.
5. We recommend 2 applications a week until the desired result is achieved. Retouching: At the end of straightening, which varies according to the type of hair and the desired result, just touch up the root every 15 days, avoiding taking the Henê Plush to the ends.

-12 Embelleze Henê Brazilian Original Plush Hair Henna Treatment 180g