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Lumino Progressive Brush Regenerator Platinum Blond Hair Sealing 1L - Luminositta


The Platinum Bio regenerating brush seals the cuticles, reduces volume and frizz. Its volume reducing actives are a Brend blend of acids such as Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and other acids and proteins combined with special oils, promote:

* Heat sealing
* Smooth effect
*Volume Reduction
* Frizz elimination
*Does not yellow the wires

With a toning action, it does not yellow the wires, it does not dry out and promotes Softness, Alignment, Balance and Mirror Shine.

STRANDS TEST: Separate a very thin lock from the top of the head, mix a little product and apply it on the lock, leaving the action time indicated and then wash the lock. If the hair becomes brittle or there is heating, it is a sign that your hair is not ready to use the product.

How to use:
1- Wash the hair with normal shampoo, dry 90% and apply the product evenly, align the hair with a fine comb;
2- Let it act for 40 minutes for fine hair / 60 minutes for thick hair (curly);
3- Rinse 60% of the hair with cold or lukewarm water. Do not use shampoo;
4- Dry 100% of the wires and plank in very thin strands from 08 to 10 times at a temperature of 180°C to obtain more shine, smoothing and softness.

-01 Progressive Bioregenerator Platinum Sealing 1L