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MadameLis Bamboo (Bambarro) Progressive Brush 2x1L - Madamelis


MadameLis Bamboo Treatment balances the pH of the strands by rebuilding the hair's constituent fibers. Its function is to repair the existing deformities in the cuticles and hair cortex, guaranteeing a maximum smooth effect, repairing frizz and reducing hair volume.

Is a thermal capillary restructuring and traditional realignment for immediate reconstruction of the threads, which hydrates and deeply conditions the threads while leaving them smooth and shiny.

It contains essential oil-based microspheres which, when heated with a hair drier or piastra, release its natural active ingredients with a high content of antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients that act as a reducing agent and provide the realignment of the hair surface giving the hair a temporarily smooth effect and disciplined.

Is compatible with any and all chemical process where the hair can be washed immediately after its application.

Anti-Residue Shampoo - Especially indicated to treat and clean hair with residues caused by pollution, chemical processes, coloring, discoloration, etc. Cleans and aids in the opening of the cuticle of the wires, preparing them for treatment.

Wire Reconstruction Mask - It has the important mission of balancing the pH of the yarns by rebuilding the constituent fibers of the hair. Its function is also to make the hair again soft and with the cuticle aligned, reducing the frizz of the wires.

The MadameLis Progressive Bamboo Brush provides incredibly soft, glossy and frizz-free hair. The Yarns gain Intense Brightness and Natural Balance.

How to use:
- Wash your hair with Care Clean Anti-Residue Shampoo Step 1 Madame Lis Lard, for at least 2 (two) times;
- Massage with the tips of the fingers letting the foam act for a few minutes;
- Rinse and if necessary repeat the application;
- After washing the hair with Care Clean Anti-Residue Shampoo Step1 Bamboo Madame Lis, dry hair up to 80%;
- Split the hair into four parts and apply the Bambarrô Care Repair Wire Reconstruction Mask Step 2, keeping 1 cm away from the root using a fine comb to spread evenly over the hair strands.
- Remove excess product with a towel and dry at low temperature.
- Divide the hair again into four parts and flat iron 7 to 10 times thin strands for cuticle sealing and product activation.
- Wait 15 minutes and rinse all hair.

Product for use by qualified professionals. The store is not responsible for the misuse or misuse of the products;
It is important to check the condition of the hair and perform hair and skin testing before applying the product. This is a standard procedure, which ensures safety and efficiency of treatment;
The product should not be used if the scalp is tender, irritated or injured;
Not suitable for pregnant women, infants and children;
Inquiries concerning product formulation indicate that you should speak directly with a technical representative of the manufacturer / brand.

01 - Shampoo Anti-Residue Bambarrô Madame Lis 1000ml
01 - Wire Reconstruction Mask Bambaroo Madame Lis 1000ml