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Professional Magic Revolution Gloss Platinum Raspberry 500ml - Zap Cosmetics


Zap Magic Revolution Gloss Platinum is a hair treatment developed especially for natural, discolored or colored blond hair, streaks and even for white hair. The product has a tinting effect on the threads, eliminating orange and yellow tones from the hair.

In addition, the Magic Revolution Gloss Platinum provides extra protection to the hair, which keeps the hair protected from external aggressions and keeps the color platinum for much longer.

It contains antioxidants, which give the hair more strength, recover the platinum color and maintain the tone for much longer, and with results right after the first application.

How to Use:

You must first wash your hair with a shampoo that cleans and neutralizes the hair. After rinsing the hair, separate a sufficient amount of the product and apply to the strands, gently massaging the hair. Let the product act until it reaches the shade you want to achieve.
For very light hair, mix the Magic Revolution Gloss Platinum with a white conditioner or moisturizer. After removing all the product with water, finish as desired.

01 - Zap Magic Revolution Gloss Platinum 500ml