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Maintenance Soul Curly Daily Home Care Hair Treatment Kit 3x250ml - Richée

by Richée

The SOUL CACHEADA Daily Care line was developed with actives and vegetable oils that restore and respect the natural essence of curly hair. The combination of Semi Di Lino extracted from the seeds of Golden Flax with Chia, Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil improves the structural integrity of hair fibers, providing strength and elasticity. Without the presence of sulphates, petrolatums and parabens.

Gentle Sanitizer - Cleans the hair in a delicate way and with little foam. Moisturizing function, so that the curls are soft, defined and with movement.

Co Wash Conditioner - Sanitizes and conditions at the same time that it closes the cuticles, protects the strands against frizz and keeps the curls shaped.

Curl Activator - In addition to making the curls look beautiful, it reinforces the natural lipid layer of the threads and is indicated for low poo and poo care routines as it does not contain sulfates, parabens
and petrolatums.

How to Use:
- Apply the mild cleanser to completely wet hair and gently massage the scalp and hair without rubbing. Rinse well.
- Then, use the co wash conditioner at length and ends and untangle the strands with your fingers or with a wide tooth comb. Wait a few minutes and remove with water.
- Distribute the activator evenly through the locks and knead from bottom to top to activate the curls. Let it dry naturally or use the dryer with the diffuser at high temperature and low speed.

01 - Richée Soul Cacheada Gentle Sanitizer 250ml
01 - Richée Soul Cacheada Conditioner Co Wash 250ml
01 - Richée Soul Curly Activating Curls 250ml