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Manioc Professional Hydration Strength Vitality Kit 3x1 - Haskell

by Haskell
The Haskell Manioc Line was developed with the highest technology coupled with exclusive assets. Manioc, which is rich in vitamins and nutrients essential for yarn nutrition, also promotes deep hydration of the hair fiber, resulting in softness, shine and hair growth. Suitable for opaque hair.

Haskell Manioc Shampoo is moisturizing, has pH 5.5 provides a proper cleaning in the hair, opens the scales of the wires well to prepare you for a good treatment. It is enriched in minerals and vitamins of the B complex, the extract of cmanioc acts in the hair offering brightness and softness. The continued use of Haskell Manioc Shampoo promotes and maintains a prolonged and intense hydration, restoring damaged hair.

Haskell Manioc Conditioner penetrates the hair fiber by moisturizing and revitalizing hair, it has been developed with the highest technology combined with exclusive assets. It also favors hydration of the hair fiber, resulting in softness, shine and healthy growth of hair. It has in its formulation active ingredients that deeply moisturize the hair, nourish it, it gives brightness and luminosity to the threads. 

Haskell Manioc Treatment Mask penetrates the interior of the hair fiber providing intensive hydration and strength to dry and opaque wires. Helps in growth and promotes vitality to wires. It is only suitable for opaque and dry hair. It has light texture and easy application. Promotes immediate and satisfactory results. Dermatologically tested.

01 - Shampoo 1 Lt: Prolonged and Intensive Hydration
01 - Condition 1 Lt: Nutrition, Softness and Brightness
01 - Mask 1 Kg: Intensive Hydration, Strength and Vitality