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Maria Escandalosa Beautox White Deep Hair Mask x 1Kg - Maria Escandalosa


Beautox White by Maria Escandalosa is a professional Deep Hair Mask with thermo-activated emollients (ie by the action of the dryer and the plank). Volume reduction, as well as frizz, wire strength and intense brightness are some of the results you will get with the use of Beautox Maria Escandalosa and that makes the product unique in the market.

Indication: All types of hair;

Composition: Ojon Oil, Macadamia and Keratin.

How to use:
- Apply a sufficient amount of Anti-Wastes Shampoo and rinse;
- Dry about 80% of the humidity of the hair with hair dryer, separating the hair in fine wicks;
- Apply the Beautox in the direction of the root to the tips (1cm of distance of the scalp);
- Leave to act from 15 to 30 minutes;
- Wash the hair removing 30% to 50% of the product;
- Now make a pre-brush;
- Divide the hair back into thin wicks and plank 5 to 10 times each.

Result: Beautox Maria Escandalosa provides natural-looking volume reduction, loose and realigned wires, intense glow and end of frizz.

01 - Beautox White Deep Hair Mask x Capillary Maria Escandalosa - 1Kg.