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Semi Definitive Marshmallow Progressive Argan Mirra Monoi 2x1L - Love Potion



The Marsmallow Shampoo was developed with mild surfactants that provide greater cleaning of the threads, leaving them light, loose, soft and alive.



Gloss Marsmallow had its formula developed with moisturizing emollients that help strengthen the strands, bringing much more life to your hair.

How to use:
Wash your hair with shampoo as many times as necessary for the perfect opening of the cuticles. Then dry them completely.
After washing your hair with Marsmallow Shampoo to dry it completely, apply Gloss and pause for 25 minutes. Brush and plank 10 to 25 times, then finish.

01 - MarshMallow Gloss Effect Semi Definitive Love Potion 1L
01 - MarshMallow Love Potion Semi Definitive Deep Cleaning Shampoo 1L