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Hair Fly Tanox Trat Mask After Chemical 1000g


The continuous use of chemistry in the hair causes severe damage to the wires, the post chemical line Tanox Tanox Hair Fly resets the lost lipid fraction during processes such as progressive, straightening, dye, etc. It has anti-porosity action and restores the elasticity of the wires and the natural glow of the hair. Its intelligent formula identifies the most affected areas, concentrating the treatment in these most affected parts of hair balancing it as a whole. It lavates and softens the capillary cuticle, giving multiple hair benefits. It also has anti-irritant and moisturizing properties that provides comfort and relief to the reactive scalp. Protects color and preserves treatment results longer.
The Restorative Mask Post Chemical Hair Fly has intensive action because it contains a super load of assets against aging and early drop of wires. In addition to providing nutrition to capillary fiber.