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Biofios Profissional Mask Top Hair- Strength and Capillary Growth (3 Items)

Mask Top Hair Mask Top Hair Capillary Growth
The top hair mask capillary supplement accelerates growth, with BCAA + whey + creatine + keratin, acts directly on the scalp balance activating the wire metabolism and stimulating its healthy and strong growth.
It operates in four dimensions to activate healthy growth:
1. Growth of up to 3 cm in 2 months2. Prolongs the life of hair3. Reduces and prevents natural fall4. 3x less breakage
MODE OF USE: After thampoo th, apply the ear mask to the tips. Massage, and Enluve Mecha by Mecha. Leave acting for 3 minutes. Rinse.
This kit contains: 1 mask accelerates growth and strength and strength 300g