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Silver Effect Traditional Hair Treatment 3D Tinting Gloss 100ml - Magic Color


An excellent shade for blonde tinting, leaving your blonde with a sophisticated tone without yellowish effect, with a very high hydration power, with exclusive antioxidant action preventing the aging of the blonde hair, the pleasant smell with a wonderful consistency. High quality product.
- Suitable for yellowish blonde hair.
- The effect is gradual or immediate.
- The result is according to the degree of whitening.

Wicks Test:
Prior to application, test on one strand of pure product and another strand of diluted white cream.

How to Use:
After shampooing your hair with Magic Color 3D Tinting Shampoo, with Magic Color Traditional Tinting in hand, blend in the desired proportion with any white mask or, if you prefer, use the pure tinting. 
Apply it to damp hair, rubbing from root to tip without massaging.
Let it act for 3 to 15 minutes. After reaching the desired time, rinse thoroughly.

-1 Magic Color 3D Traditional Tinting Gloss 100ml