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Maximus Control Home Care Kit 3 Products - Prime Pro


The Maximus Control line is a treatment concept in which nature was the inspiration for the development of formulas. Enriched with innovative and effective technologies such as Acai, Structure XL® and Bamboo, this line has restorative, moisturizing and emollient properties that repair hair fiber, strengthen hair and provide absolute volume control and frizz. Healthy hair, disciplined and radiant.

The Home Care product line was developed to prioritize the full health of the wires. In this line, there are very high quality technologies such as: Structure XL, Bamboo and Acai that repair, restructure, discipline and protect hair in everyday life. It is the most effective way to provide the durability of Maximus Control Professional treatment. The hair is healthy and strong, shiny and soft. Its use is of extreme importance for a longer treatment, so get yours now.

All products are dermatologically tested.

Structure XL: A natural technology based on starch, developed from corn. In hair, its action balances the intercellular cement and causes stability in "protofibrila," part responsible for the structure and shape of the hair.
Bamboo: Its extract is rich in: proteins, cellulosic polymers, organic acids, minerals, vitamins A, B and C, carbohydrates and mucilages. It brings to the hair restorative properties, moisturizing, emollient and protective, being totally beneficial for the natural elasticity of the wires, where it acts in reducing the volume.
Acai: Acai is rich in fiber, which replenishes the capillary structure and has regenerative function due to the presence of vitamin E. Proteins with their nutritive properties and calcium with their strengthening action, provide resistance to the wires. Acai is a great help for the growth and development of hair and maintains the whole health of the hair. This explains the importance of their presence in the formula.

- Max Shampoo 300ml
- Max Condicionador 300ml
- Max leave-in 250ml