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Miga Sua Loka Brazilian Keratin Progressive Brush 2x1 - Op'S Cosmetics


This treatment was specially developed with Keratin and Shea Butter, which promote the reduction of volume, relaxation of the curls and recovery of the brittle wires, caused by other chemical processes. 
It reduces frizz, replenishes keratin, improves suppleness and maintains its natural look, strengthening and accelerating hair growth.
This powerful treatment provides frizz-free, perfectly smooth hair. With the products of the line, the professional hairdresser performs the technical service that promotes hair repair from the inside out and helps transform the damaged hair into smooth, shiny and fully aligned hair.
"Miga Sua Loka" is compatible with all and any chemical process where hair can be washed immediately after application.

Hw to use:
-Wash the hair with step 1 at least 2 times to remove any impurities from the hair and open the hair cuticles well. Rinse the threads and dry them thoroughly.
-Pass step 2 of the progressive brush wick to wick leaving a distance of 1cm from the root. -Leave to act for 30 minutes and make a complete brush in the hair, plank 7 to 10 times in fine wicks, a temperature of 230ºC, rinse the hair again and finish as you wish.

-1 Miga Sua Loka Progressive Brush Shampoo 1L
-1 Miga Sua Loka Progressive Brush Reconstruction 1L