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Milagrosa Miraculous Nourishing Hair Fiber Restore Anti Age Mask 150g - Secrets

by Secrets

Nourishing mask for fragile and fine hair. Secrets Professional Miraculous Anti-Age fights the aging of the threads, restores the fiber and nourishes to combat the weakening of the capillary cuticles.

Secrets Professional Miraculous Anti-Age works to increase fiber moisture to restore its lost protein mass. Thus, it increases the elasticity and resistance of the wires.

Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids: restore hair and make it silky and shiny.

How to use:
With clean hair, apply the anti-age and gently massage the hair, especially the ends. Let it act for 1 minute and rinse well. Apply at least once a week to recover and give softness to the hair.

Hair reconstructed and protected from the action of time, fortified, silky, soft and shiny.

-01 Milagrosa Miraculous Anti Age Mask 150g