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Moisturizing Hair Tinting Almond Brunette Glow Treatment Mask 100g - Alpha Line


The Alpha Line Hydrating Toning Mask formulated with NanoShine, nanospheres of avocado, sesame, shea butter and panthenol oils that provide increased shine, vitality and reduced damage by chemical treatments.

Indicated for use on opaque hair, between coloring, permanent post and post relaxation.

Alpha Line Intense Ton Shine Bath can be used if you have never colored your hair to enhance, intensify and lighten the natural color of your wires, temporarily change without the effects of permanent coloring. It does not allow covering the white hairs, in this case it only promotes soft reflections. Ideal to revive the color and intensify the shine between one coloring and another. It can be used on opaque and devitalized hair, to brighten and hydrate them.

If you are relaxing, straightening, perming or highlighting, you can use it right after the neutralization process. In this case, it is important to test a strand before application.

No ammonia | Moisturizes and Colors

HOW TO USE: Wash your hair with Alpha Line Shampoo of your choice and do not use conditioner. Remove excess water. Put on gloves and apply the product all over the hair and massage gently. Wait 20 to 30 minutes, rinse well until all the product is removed. For a better result, use Alpha Line Conditioning Emulsion of your choice, after application, rinse well. Dry your hair with a hairdryer or, if you prefer, let it dry naturally.

-01 Intense Moisturizing Toning Glow Bath Mask 100g