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Moringa Oil Moistuirizing Mask 1kg - Fox

by Fox
Rich in unique and natural nutrients provide the wires: silkiness, luster and softness. Responsible for the reconstruction of the hair fiber, Moringa, works directly on the hair cuticle, replenishing nutrients necessary for sealing the cuticle, reducing frizz. With great hydration power, they will bring life back to your hair. Have a salon treatment at your fingertips!

The Fox Moisturizing Moringa Oil Mask has seeds and leaves, which are enriched with nutrients and donors of life and shine, which give shine, silkiness and softness to the hair. Treats the hair deeply, promoting a softness and softness to the hair more dry.
Its function is to control the volume of hair, reducing frizz. It returns nutrients lost through chemical and physical processes, such as heat, sun and plank use.
The Moringa Oil Moisturizing Mask provides reconstruction of chemically damaged hair, giving shine, smoothness and softness to the threads.

How to Use:
With damp hair, apply the full length of the hair and massage for a few minutes. Rinse, removing excess. Finalize as you wish. Use whenever necessary and have nourished and shiny hair.